Midget… medium lady… giant!

Last wednesday I had a very busy afternoon! My dogness, yes!

Me and my mum, we went to the dogpark. We stayed there for almost 2 hours: weather was very nice and mum said we should enjoy spring! She learned her lesson, since I told her! 😉

First there was Kiyo. I know this midget who thinks he is a giant since long. We played quit some time! Then I inspected my tree. Mum sat on it, on the lower part of course, she does not want to climb! Then I did some cutting on a fallen branch. And then…

New dog in town and in our district!!! I had never seen a ‘cane corso’ in my whole live… But now I met one: Cayto. This sir is a giant, but he really acts like a midget… He plays, he wants to be cuddled all the time… Grandpa came to the park too and said Cayto thinks he is a lap-dog, which is so crazy with his size. But he agreed that he is a very nice new friend. Grandpa did approve him being in the dogpark and got the usual respect he gets from every dog. How he does that, I don’t know… must be because grandpa is old and grey!!!
Cayto has a grandma Stafford-sister too, but I don’t know her name. She’s friendly but does not play!

So, you see, my wednesday was busy! 😉 Love those wednesdays!

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