Great fun and… a spectacular good girl.

I told mum to put as title: Great aire-lady surprises mum and dad! So, she didn’t… but I am going to tell it anyway!

Yesterday, mum and dad were both away at the same time! In the middle of the day!  That nearly never happens, one of them is there, most of the time… Gone they were! For a very long time!  For more than five hours! This Kita thinks that’s very long! When I was still a baby, I went to holidaymum! That’s great. Now that I’m an adult, mum was thinking that Grandpa and me could stay home and do the guarding!!

Grandpa stays in the livingroom, and me? In the kitchen! I shall tell you this: I did no countersurfing although there were bananas (little bit hidden…) and oranges for fruit juice. I did not chew on the blanket in my bed. I did not destroy one of my safe toys. What do you think about that?
I chewed on my very big buffalo-bone and I did sleep a lot. Mum and dad said I was a very good girl! Dad took us to the dogpark when he arrived.

There’s one disadvantage at being in the kitchen: there is no tv-typing-machine to tell you about this big ball I found in the dogpark! Me and mum were playing with it a few mornings ago! First I was playing alone and that is kept in the blinking thing. The big fun though was when mum and I were playing real football, as on the tv! It was a very big pity, mum could not play and film at the same time! And there was no one else!!! 😦 😦

Anyway, enjoy the pics – Film follows tomorrow!! Just click on them to see how big the ball was! And how I tried to peel it… did not eat it though!!! 😉 I love the pics, but mum said the light was not good… Really, there’s always something if you believe her! 😉


    • Hey Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie! You say it! Spectaculary good! 🙂 And then I forgot to tell I did not touch the dustbin, although I could. I admit, I never do at home, I only do that at holidaumum’s place! 🙂 Mum says she will post the ball-film today… 🙂 Hava a nice weekend, guys!! Hugs, Kita

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