Lady Kita goes in the … surprises-business!

On mondays mum is a library-mum till late in the evening. So I decided to go and get her. Of course I asked dad to come too, that’s easy to understand. He is the one with the supscription for the metro. If I take him with me, I can ride for free, you see! 😉

I had to wait patiently in the playground before the school, I can’t go in the building, you know! But one of mum’s library-students came to talk to me: she recognised me from mum’s calendar in the library! Isn’t that special?!! 🙂

Finally mum came out of the building! Speaking of a surprise! Think I start a new business: a surprises-business! Then mum had to show me her mailbox of course (books and dvd’s and newspapers and… arrive there, you see!). Off we went back home! Taking the tramway, tram goes under the ground, in the metro, later on!
Do your police-officers put advertisements for themselves everywhere too or is that only in Antwerp????

On our way home we met mister Plantin and his fish and other animals… Pity, my shark was not there!

I give more explanations with the pics, if that interests you, you have to click on them! 🙂

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