On the road again… to farm-life!

We are back home and I’m tired, but I have lots to tell! Yes, we were on the road again. We went to see the mum and dad of my French friend Mano. But Mano is at the Rainbow Bridge now, galloping around with my grandpa. Life at the farm is a bit different but not dull at all! 😉

I was practicing my hunting-business! Oh yes! My dogness, there was work to do! In the meadows there is a kind of plague of voles at the moment at Mano’s place. I thought I could offer some help! That’s me: I try to be kind if I like what’s on the program, you know! 🙂 Mum was not as pleased as I was! 😉 Pics will show you why… Made a bit a mess of this lady… 😦

I like the farm but I don’t like the cows! They are to big for this city-lady. So I bark at them!!! They even do not batting an eyelid… they are not afraid of me!!! 

I’m going to have a nap! Rest of the stories are for tomorrow! So: to be continued!







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