Travel safe… cousin Islay!

Dear cousin Islay

I think it’s the moment to write you again, today! My mum says tomorrow is a big day for you. You are leaving the city in which you grew up to become a real aire-city-girl and soon you will be teenager-off and a real lady.

So, I’ll give some other European advice before you go to the States…

Never forget you are a city dale-lady! City-dale-ladies behave like ladies: they know how to travel and how to be polite and friendly. But you know that, we saw it in Cologne. City-ladies can be country-bandits too: that’s for relaxation-purposes only. Because it can be stressy to act like a lady… surely a city-lady. Never forget to remind your mum and dad of this! 😉

Never forget your European roots, my dear! Where you go you will be special because of these roots! Be proud of them, just as we do over here! So, I suggest you stay in touch with your cousin (me! 🙂 )and you write me once in a while and tell and teach me about the States, just as I thaught you about European manners (the French kisses, remember?). I count on that, my dear! ❤

Well, travel safe: it is far and it will take quite some time, but it will be okay! And then: enjoy your new home! Greet your human grandparents and human uncles and aunts from me too, will you? xoxox And be sure to make lots and lots of new doggie-friends! Send me some pics, will you?! 🙂

Big, big loving hugs to you and your mum and dad! ❤


PS Let me know when you arrive, then I’ll feel “tranquille”! 😉


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