Bloopblooptoot… and art!

This morning, very early, before all that rain, we had so much fun, me and mum! We were laughing all the time!

First we played with the coloured tail. Yes, I was in a good mood and I brought it back 11 times! Sometimes you have to please your mum. Surely when the treats are yummy, you understand? Then I started chewing on the thing and I had to give it back, it disappeared in mum’s bag. 😉

Then mum wanted a fototoot in my repaired dogpark as you can see in the pics. I did pose in funny ways and mum did laugh! So did I! bloopers enough, mum said, now a good one! hahaha, i just walked out of the picture! Hahahaha. Then I was tired of laughing and I lay down for a nice pic. 🙂

Off we went, back home. But then we passed by the new street art. Mum had the short leash and she had to hold it because of the traffic, difficult for good pics, but we have some. We were giggling again, of course! 🙂

In the end, in our street, we saw the orange humans, they are working in the trees! Me, I was jealous, could not go and help! 😉

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