An almost decent lady has a… breakfast-rendez-vous!

Mum, when do we leave? Is my fur alright? I was a bit impatient this morning! I had this breakfast-rendez-vous with Ernie, the Irish champ! Remember, the one who thaught me to fly! Finally off we went. With the car of course, that’s why mum and dad came too! 😉

We went to a place near the river Scheldt. No, no, not at home, up the river for about 16 kms (9,9 miles). There is a nice place to have breakfast. Ernie is a great guy, he is almost 9 now and he turns into a grandpa! Go figure: he fell asleep during breakfast! 😉

Afterwards we did a nice walk along river Scheldt. River here is smaller than in Antwerp! 😉 The men (Ernie and the 2 dads) went first. Everything safe? We ladies followed! (me and the mums). 😉
We saw street art too! Mum loves street art, I was more interested in the grass!

And then it started raining. We were all wet! My fur is waterproof: I am always “bien coiffée”. But mum had one of those “bad-fur-days”, hahaha! 🙂

At home, I had my nap, of course, after all these events, like a decent lady. (Mum often says I’m not decent enough, imagine that!) 🙂

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