Busy saturday… with fashionshow!

What a busy saturday!!!

1. Kita-Ten-Miles-running on the beach…. Tiring, that’s to understand for everybody. 😉

2. At noon: visit at the restaurant with mum and dad! Got a bully stick, me… a hard one! ❤ Weary too!

3. Big walk in the neighbourhood wit very, very big people… I’m curious, and that gets me tired too! 😉

4. “Coiffure”-time, mum said when we came home. pppffff… on that blue table… 😦

5. Fashionshow and fototoot with my new bandana… maybe humans don’t call me boy anymore! 😦  Fototoots need concentration… yes: tiring too!

6. I need a nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… for the rest of the day, please!!! 😉


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