Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitaaa!… klikklikklikklik!… tut tut tuuuuuuuuuuuuut!

Very often mums and dads in the huge dogpark and on the beach ask my mum how it comes that I (mostly) am very good in showing up when called! Mum says: training and she always talks about Pavlov too! I don’t know that dog and what he has to do with it!

This time, I’ll give you my version of the facts… 😉

When I was only a baby, mum called me with a higher voice: Kiiiiiiiiitaaaaaa… and I went to see her! Oh yes, if I went there very quickly, I got a treat! A little kibble of my breakfast or dinner!

Other doggies got yummie treats… When I was a teenager, I learned that you could act as you wish in stead of running when you hear: Kiiiiiitaaaa….! First result: other treats, but very small ones. So, I practiced again the “deaf girl”.

But then there was Lucien’s mum: she made a nice noise when the little boy did something wrong! I liked the sound and always went to see what happened. Go figure! Few weeks later my mum had that funny thing too…. She clicked or kind of ringed the bell and I always went to see her! I’m too curious, me! 😉 And best part, the nice noise always was accompanied by a treat! 🙂

But the klikklik-thing was rather soft and sometimes I was far away. So mum bought a whistle. She did klikklik and tut tut tuuuuuuuut at the same time. If I went there when I heard the two noices: two treats. Soon mum only used the whistle-language AND very good treats! Dried chicken!
The farther away I am, the faster I get back when the whistle-language is used… Yes, when whistle is used I ALWAYS get a treat! 

And better: every mum and dad is jealous of me and my mum! We are a real team, you know! As a full grown lady, most of time, I check if my mum is all right and go back to her without her calling me? Treats too? Not always, but often…

Video shows it all! It is long though… with a blooper in the end!

PS Of course, there are bloopers! 😦 But only one on about 30 times, mum says… I even came back with my shark!





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