New habit, new clothes… and new birds!!

Breaking news! Lots of new things, these days!

First of all, I have a new habit! I can make my ears rest too! I just do as my mum does! She puts her hand and arm on this thing in the car. I tried to rest my paw on it but it was not comfy at all! But my ear on it, that’s great! Ear rests and I can hear good! 😉

I got new “clothes”. Since my water-business is very successful, mum says I’m destroying my harness! It often is wet and it does not dry quickly. So she got me a new one for the dry occasions. We’ll never put it on during waterbusiness-hours! 😉

And then!!! We went out with my new “clothes” on and there we saw impossible big birds, making a strange noise! New birds in the area of our home! Had to bark a few times to alert everybody! Mum was not pleased… so I stopped the warning-action! 😦

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