For Wally and Murphy!… So it goes…

Mum says I have some explanantions to do… About my new “clothes”. All the way down in South Africa, Wally and Murphy are very curious how I put my new “clothes” on! 😉 🙂

This lady asked her mum to make some pictures. She says it is not easy to dress the lady and making pictures at the same time, but we managed all right. So Wally and Murphy: it goes like this:

1. mum keeps the harness before you nose
2. you put your head in the thing 
3. mum takes an end under your belly and gets it up
4. mum does ‘click’ at one side
5. mum does ‘click’ at the other side

Ready you are! I like my red “clothes”. If you do not like red, choose another colour! 😉 It is comfy to go out and stay on the leash, really!

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