WWW with… Bacon!

What a Wonderfull Wednesday!!!! My (library-)mum and her colleague at school had a great idea today! They organised a “rendez-vous” for Mister Bacon (9 months old) and this lady at the huge dogpark this afternoon!

We had a great time. Bacon had the time of his life, his mum said! There were so many friends to play with, we were in the water… Water-business, n’est-ce pas? And no, I still don’t dare to swim as the other doggies did… 😦 But my belly was very wet though! Bacon did not swim neither! He still learns about the water-business! 
We stayed quite some time! Like that, of course! 😉 ❤

When we came home, I got my anti-tick-thing in my neck! And then mum got something out of a package! I was moving my tail already! This comes from the human pup and her shop, I can smell that! What? It is nothing to eat? What? It’s for my toe-nails? gggrrrr. Okay, i’ll sit nicely! Mum explains on this nail-clipper, there is a security-thing, she cannot hurt me! Okay, go on: I’m too tired to protest this nail-cutting! 🙂 😉 Happy mum! 




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