Me, Rea and… the running-business!

Huge dogpark, this morning! Yes, friday, you know!

Me and Rea (sorry grandpa, it was me and Rea, yes!) we were having great fun. We did not see each other for a long time! So we had some playing and running to do! 🙂 Rea is a labradoodle and she likes playing and running as much as I do! And you know the best news? She does not swim neither! She stops when her belly gets wet! Isn’t that great? A real labradoodle-lady! 

And even better news? She has a very nice mum! 🙂 Oh yes, she has a mum with treats! ❤ We even got several treats! From her mum and my mum!
Don’t dare saying that this morning was not a good one! 😉 Pics and video will prove everything!




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