Sunday?… No, Business Day!

Weather is not that good! Many, many clouds and a bit of rain too. Never mind, mum, we go to the huge one, don’t we! Ha, she says yes! I know it: it is sunday morning… no library mum clothes! 😉

Sunday? My dogness! No, it really was a business day! First of all, they started the festival works in the huge dogpark. They already were mowing a big deal of the huge plain… Lots of flowers already gone. So, there we started the first business: fototoot business! 🙂 In the end I really was tired of it! Grrrr! 😉

Then fun started! Bo and Rea were there! Playing in the new sand, men were plowing some parts too! Never mind that too! Sand is big fun to play in! Second business in practice! Digging business! 
But with Rea and Bo, no dull moment! Yep: running business opened!

I would have liked mum carrying me home… but you know her! She is stubborn and she says that real ladies should walk, even after too many business occupations! 😦 At home, I went down and I stayed down for hours! 😉
And mum says I bring the whole damned park home… Think it does not please her too much today… 😉



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