Little exercise in… tug-of-war-fighting!

My mum does not like fighting! She even does not like tug-of-war-fighting. That’s a pity, because my grandpa Lennox always said it is so much fun! He had that heroic story about it… When he was at mum’s and dad’s place in the very beginning, he was three years old and very, very strong! (he once pulled mum into the hospital, but that’s another story!)
So he was very strong and did not know any command! He had to learn a lot. So at a certain moment after training, dad played tug-of-war with him. Grandpa was dad’s first dog… They were playing but then grandpa thaught he was stronger than dad and got angry! He wanted to be the alpha, he said… So they got in a bit of a real fight!  Who won? Not grandpa! Go figure: how could he ever think he could win from dad??? 😉 He still regretted that when he was 15 years old, he did admit that! 😉

So, now and then, dad plays tug-of-war with me! I’m not half as strong as my grandpa was. Thinking about his story, I just play: I don’t try to fight! I don’t get in any fight! Real fights are never good, says my mum! And in this I do agree with her! That happens sometimes, you know, that we agree! No fights, just playing! That’s fun… but difficult to make pics of! 😉

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