Time for a … fashionshow! ;-)

She promised, she promised! Remember? Mum said I would get a real raincoat this weekend. There is a Dutch saying that goes as follows: “Belofte maakt schuld”. Translated it would be: a promise is a promise (and you have to keep it!). So this morning we went to the doggie-clothes-shop (where they sell treats too – love this shop!). The sir in the shop first did measure me! Imagine! Measuring a lady! 😦
Don’t like to be touched by strange men!!! Anyway mum said I should stand still and make no moves. Ggggrrr.

It’s clear: big dogs need more raincoats than small ones. Were a lot of coats for small doggies, not that much for big ladies… Had to try them of course. 😦 What a job. At the end, when choice was made – mum was a great help I have to say – I got some treats of the nice fashion-shop-sir.
Mum also bought buffalotreats for me and grandpa. 🙂

At home, it was time for a real fashionshow. Grandpa said that’s ladystuff and went to take a nap. 😉

Afterwards we both got our buffalotreat. Grandpa left his at his bed after biting and eating a bit. Me, I tried to get two, of course! Ohlalala, mum always sees everything! 😦 End of the story: grandpa got his one back!

Mum, listen!! Islay’s mum has commented the fashionsshow! Put it here with the pictures, please!!
… And here we have Kita, wearing a functional, minimalist raincoat of water resistant sateen, with a matte peter-pan collar and two slimming waist bands. Straight from the runway of Jil Sander, she looks effortlessly chic and comfortable. Her matching stiletto manicure says, “I prefer not to be measured by strange men, but I will take a treat. Thank you!” …


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