Today’s world?… So strange and not to understand…

Mum, really, the world today is very bizar! I told grandpa about what I saw today and he says this is very strange, indeed! We don’t understand. 😦

Why those boats sail in the streets? Normally they need water to sail in? No? And my dogness!! You always told me that our Moby Dick had to be in his water-house and I could not play with him. He can not live without water, that’s what you explained to me… Why these fish are they not in a water-house? Tell me that! They will swim in the street??? It must be strange anyway, because all those people are looking at them!

Ouf, the giraffe is still in his crate, with the children… 😦
But mum, did the storm make this bizar sand-creatures? And why can’t we go near them? Storm makes this for us to play with, I think! Strange! Even the human pups can not touch!

Mum, heeeelp! Help these horses! They are nailed on that circus-thing and are turning around all the time! They must get sick! 😦 Please, do something, now!!

Everything is well that ends well! We met Mila: a very nice puppy border collie. Hello sweetie! Back to normal life! 🙂  


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