Ball stuf? Flag stuff? Yes!… But I am ill! :-(

Grandpa warned me. He said: this is not good! Mum and dad will take you to the green clothes soon! Well, they did! 😦

Day one: I did not eat at all, but I still played a lot, with Dixie, remember? So nothing unusual, I’m a difficult eater, mum knows…
Day two: I did not eat at all, but I started vomiting, a lot of vomiting and outside I did this poo which was rather pee and it looked purple! 😦 I still did not eat anything, nothing at all! Even treats, I didn’t want them! Mum said: big trouble… But I was still drinking my water.
Day three=today: This morning: lot of vomiting again. Mum went to work and dad stayed home with me. At noon: purple poo-pee again! When mum got home, little panic! 😉 Call to the green clothes! Off we went! Hate it! Don’t like all these examinations. Green cloth asked lots of questions, I did not answer! 😉 He asked if I ate poison??? Who is that stupid? He says that dogs are sometimes. He said something like this: gastroenteritis. Surely that’s another dog or cat, that’s not me. Anyway, I was the one who got the two injections – grrrr. Mum and dad held me both! And I am the one who got bizar treats for the next days. But no antibiotics yet… 

Now we are back home. I’m not fine yet, but I follow mum again in the house and I don’t vomit anymore  and I go in my bench even with the door open, the safest place on earth when you’re “injected”! 😉

Guess what? Mum got me my own flag stuff! Isn’t that great! I even tried to smile for the little fototoot! Now dad looks at the ball stuff, he likes that more than the flag stuff!



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