About pickpocketing and… football!

What an evening! I surprised myself and my mum… and my mum surprised me. What do you mean? You don’t follow it?

It’s monday! Mum worked till 8 o’clock and afterwards we still go to the dogpark? At almost nine? Of course, dad was looking to the tv-typing-machine, live stream or somethig like that… ball-stuff!  So off we go!
Yes, there are friends in the dogpark: Jazzy and little Jacqueline, and Morris and me. Morris’ mum gave me a treat, she is kind, the mum of Morris! Really! The mums and dad all sat down at the table in the dogpark. I was next to Morris’ mum, look there in that pocket of her coat are the treats… Can I get one?

Kita! What do you have now? Come here!

Euh, mum reaally has eyes in her back!!! She could not have seen this! I was so surprised that I dropped it and ran to her! She was not pleased and pleased with me at the same time! I cant understand these humans!
Told grandpa when we came home and he said she was angry for pickpocketing a phone from Morris’ mum but she was pleased because I dropped it… That’s not my usual reaction… Normally I run away with what I have to play with it. Grandpa growled that I should be glad the phone was not injured! 

On the way home mum made pics… Everywhere: in the dogpark and at the houses are flags, Belgian flags… Belgium gets ready for the ball-stuff of tomorrow, mum says. Okay, livestream for dad and we to the dogpark? No, livestream for mum too???? Gggrrrr…


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