An issue and… discussions…

This was a difficult wednesday… my dogness! Every time we come in the dogpark the other mums and dads are talking about my coat, about the big curls. Some like it, some don’t like it. I heard that mum said we go to the hairdresser’s in the beginning of july.

But then this afternoon, walking back home when we came from the dogpark (and again remarks on my curls, gggrrrr), we met two children! Giggling all the time! And one was pointing at me: a sheep! A sheep! A sheep with a harness, look! I looked up at mum and mum looked down to me! We both were a bit angry, not to say indignant!! No offense to those animals, but I am NOT a sheep! Mum did agree.

When we got home, the discussoin started. I said to mum she should do something about it. I told her to get that yellow thing and she should start the scissoring again! Everywhere, not only around my eyes. Long discussion, as ladies have with their mums, I suppose…

Result? Scissoring around my eyes again. That’s fine, now the hair does not hurt anymore and I don’t have to use my paw to ease this! But she only cut one little curl, to measure and show you. Ladies should be patient, she says…
Okay, but when I see these sheep-kids, I bark! Be sure of that! 

In two weeks, it’s grooming time, Kita!


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