For lady Endora, Chef Mauricee and… brave, sliding Dusty!

Last Friday, me and mum, we made a fototoot! A real one, not for ourselves this time but for some very nice friends at the other side of the world!  Australia, mum says! Is that another friend of them, mum?

No, Kita, it is where they live. You live in Belgium, remember?

Okay, I see, next walk, when we have time, we go there and we’ll play together?! Is that a promise? 🙂

Oh Kita! (sigh)

Anyway, on the tv-typing-machine, I saw sir Dusty likes sliding down, he always is up there! I asked mum if we have slides too! So mum took me to the park to show them. We were impressed by the slides but we were disappointed we could not go in the children’s park… Mum says it’s forbidden… for Kitas and other dogs. So we took all kinds of pics, from a nice distance.
There is a part for adults too. We went in, but I did not like it that much: no slides!!! 😦 Funny: adults need explanations how to use everything! Children are much smarter than adults, they need no explanations. I did not see explanations in the children’s part!
After that, we took a nap, me and mum, in the grass with the daisies! Lovely!

So, here you go: lots and lots of pics, especially for lady Endora, Chef Mauricee and sliding sir Dusty!


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