Foot-stuff and flags-stuff and … other madness!

Me and mum…

Mum and me, Kita, you should say mum and me!

Yes, yes, I see: me and mum – I do like you do, mum – we went into town today. Last time we do that before I”m groomed, we agree on that. No, no, no sheep-talk today, even worse, my mum says. Lots of remarks about airedales and unknown breed but one women was really rude! Mum heard her say that my mum should take more care of me, that I’m not pretty and well taken care off at all and that someone should talk with my mum to tell her that, she called me a neglected dog.  😦
My grandpa would have showed his teeth if he had been there!  That’s the second time this happens since I have that much hair and curls. Mum got bit angry so she did not want to argue with these women, we quickly turned back from where we came to avoid a big dispute. Mum said something about: not my circus, not my monkeys… Don’t understand a word of it, but she says she learned that on the tv-typing-machine this week. Okay, okay. 😉

Anyway, we did our walk, we were looking at all the flags for the foot-stuff. I understand it’s all about a ball and flags. Lots of Belgian flags for the Belgian ball of course. But one place was really nice: lots of flags for lots of balls! We liked that.

At the end of the walk, it was big madness! There was that statue with a red-devil-shirt and a flag on his head! My dogness. I just came back to my senses, when I met… an elephant! Really! Crazy day! See the pics!!


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