Hehe… The world upside down?

Yesterday we made another walk, in the evening…

I could not believe my eyes! In the afternoon, I met an elephant and later on… a giraffe!

That’s alreaydy to have a heart that stops beating, but then the situation was very, very strange! There was the sign that dogs are not allowed: I hate them, really. But this time, I did agree! I could not agree more! The giraffe was in a big crate, together with slides and other toys for children!
Children and the giraffe in the same crate? This is a clear situation: I don’t go in! It is normal, dogs are not allowed! They want to keep us dogs safe. I can see that without sign: it’s safer outside the crate!

Come on, mum, we go on. This is to crazy for words! 😉


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