Big!! A really big… beast!

You know, me and mum we like to wander around on our walks in town, surely in our part of town… We criss-cross through the streets and sometimes we find surprises, very big surprises! 🙂

So once, a log time ago we met an elephant. About four years ago, with the football-madness! Heard mum and dad talk about that, it starts again, if I got it right! 😉

Okay, back to where we were: wandering around. My dogness, suddenly I saw this beast! I jumped to get over the little wall to have a good look. Damn, I forgot that stupid leash I am on during walks! 😦 Got stuck on the little wall. Did not hurt me though, so I was not too angry! 😉

Yes, mum, I see we can not go near. It is in the garden of the house! 😦 At least you have one of these picture things wth you? The speaking black one! Okay! Toot! ❤

PS No, I’m not afraid of this gorilla, he is very nice one! ❤

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