In this house, no more… lions!

The older I get, the more I need to have  a good chat with my mum! 😉

Listen to this: a few days ago, on one of our walks, we met this human little pup and her mum. The little one was pointing at me and started yelling: look, look! A lion! 
I was quite embaressed with the situation. I am a king, yes, the king or better: the queen of terriers but I am not the Lion King! NOT at all! 😦

When we came home I had my chat with my mum to explain I needed to go to the hairdresser’s and soon! Better yesterday than tomorrow I said.

So we did… No, not yesterday but today! Or yes, yesterday and today! Both of us went to the very nice lady at our hotel. The française is best friends with her dog. No, not an airedale, a Berner Sennen. We both like the lady and the hotel very much. ❤ And now we are ready for summer! 🙂

For once, mum had a real good airedale-idea: a fototoot with the friendly lady! So look at the pics of before (it is mum wanting to post them, not me, I’m a bit embarrased 😦 with my lion-look) and after! In one of them I’m even giving you a blink… 😉

What do you say mum?… Lizzie, Lizzie, hear this, within a few weeks we go on holiday to our hotel! Just be a good girl, don’t spoil it, we want to go there!!! 🙂

PS You can see in the pics we love the lady, can’t you?

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