We want the world (to be clean)… and we want it now… ;-)

Mum was decided to choose the title of today! Nothing to do about that… She is the stubborn one… So, what do I do? I give in. She says you have to be old enough to see the wink that goes with it! My dogness, mum says  silly things these days… that’s because of all that work this month! My dogness, my dogness!

Anyway, I’ll tell you what this is all about. Last Tuesday, we came to the dogpark and mum said we’d better stop complaining about this and do something about it. There she had a less silly point, for once she was damned right. So before going into the park, she took the blinking box and made some pics, I waited patiently this time. If I agree, I agree and I don’t act as a silly dog, you should understand! 😉

She said she would mail these pics of this incredible situation to the “ombuds-lady” of the city to ask her to do something about this!

What do you ask? What was wrong? Since weeks the dustbins are too full with poop-bags… Weather is hot, imagine the smell that goes with it!!! Mum always says: complaining only never changes something… you have to act constructively.

Result of the mail? Ombuds-lady did a nice job! On wednesday morning everything was clean, grass had been mowed and we are ready for more summer. Mum says, there is a lot to say about this city but she likes the ombuds-lady, although she never met her…

Thanks lady and cleaning-guys!


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