Grandpa Lennox says… not to worry too much!

Friday… so mum is at home and dad was out, working. Mum seldom takes the two of us together for a walk. That only happens on fridays! Grandpa barked she should take the blinking thing with her to show the world he is still on his feet and walking! That was grandpa the macho talking. Me and mum, we smiled and mum took the blinking box. 🙂

Off we went, to the park. Not to the dogpark. Dad says grandpa shouldn’t act too macho anymore because he only can get his doping every 4 weeks, so he should not use all his forces at once. In the dogpark, well, if he starts playing with the other dogs and he collapses, that would be no good! Grandpa disagrees: he says he never collapses… Mum smiles and says: that’s our grandpa speaking! He’ll never learn… 😉

We made a nice walk, and mum did a lot of filming. Not the whole walk of course, just a part of it. Grandpa is still sniffing all the way! Mum says he reads the news in his daily paper! Sometimes he commands me to come and read too! I always obey: don’t want him to get annoyed with me, keep that privilege to mum, hahahaha! 😉

When we were on the way back home, we had a nice rest in the daisies-field. Mum took some pics and for once, grandpa did not mind! We behaved nicely, she said! She’ll have some nice memories, later, she said!
Grandpa barked that mum already said that before I came… and that he is not gone yet, not today anyway! 🙂 ❤

Enjoy the pics and don’t get dizzy looking at the video… hihihi!


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