This aire-lady gets smarter… thanks to TnT!

Oh, my dogness! They are great! They are smart! They are kind! They are so helpfull!

Who? How do you dare to ask this question? TnT of course! Who is TnT, my grandpa asks… Grandpa, you’re getting old, I already told you this, but I tell you again!
Tnt are Tarquin and Tyee, my Oklahoma friends! There is Karma too, who can climb in trees

and Cricket, who pees like me sometimes. But, as they say, back to where we were!

These smart guys explained about the candid camera!! For all those who missed it and who want to know what candid is… here is their answer to my question! You always can count on these guys!

“Kita, candid pictures are secret pictures. Candid is like secrets stuff you don’t want the other humans to know . . . just your mum or Grandpa Lennox or maybe no one else at all.

You are being candid when you take an apple from the bowl without permission while no one is looking. You are not being candid if you eat that apple in front of your mum, though. Hiding under the bed to eat the apple is candid. Hiding outside behind a bush to eat the apple is also candid. Getting caught is not very candid.

When you are being a spy to investigate new stuff like a package your mum got in the mail, you are candid if your humans aren’t around somewhere.. Candid happens when you are secretly following a varmint along the riverbank or down a train. Try not to bark, though. That’s gives away your position and you are no longer candid. In the US we call it being “made.”.

Your mum can take secret pictures of humans. However, she can’t take them of you and Grandp Lennox because you always know she is going to take your picture if she has her blinking box with her. That’s the way Mums are.”

Thank you so much, guys! Hugs, Kita


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