What about… 61 times?!

This morning mum and me went into town, we went to the market on the marketplace! You remember I told you that there are not many airedales in Belgium? And that I often feel as a celebrity because people always look at me and give comments? When my coat is very curly, it is incredible… sometimes it bothers mum really!

Mum says she needs a candid camera to film all the reactions! I don’t understand that. I have to ask some “esplanations” at TnT, they know everything about ‘candid’, I saw on the tv-typing-machine! Guys, can you “esplain” me, please?

Anyway, just for fun, mum started counting… Counting all the times she heard people make a remark about me, in Dutch, in French, in English and even in German, while we passed. Guess what? In less than one hour time, she counted 61 remarks! I asked grandpa if that is a lot or not. He says it is very much, even he can’t count that far! he says he is happy to be a labrador! 

And then I don’t mention the two times, people spoke to us… and asked information about ‘that breed’… Mum explained a lot and I waited patiently, as a lady should do!

Mum had no black-talking-box and no blinking box, so today I choose one old pic…

France 13


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