Thursday… with colours, flowers and… big trees!

It’s a coloured day, my mum says… my mum is not only my mum, but she also is a library-mum. Today one of the students brought my mum some flowers because she is loved as the library-mum. That does not surprise me, I love my mum too! 😉 Flowers are very beautiful, mum showed them to me!

After dinner we went out for a walk. We did not enter the dogpark because there was that doggie mum is a bit afraid of (me too, a little bit, doggie pinched me in the buttocks few times one day and I did not like it!!). So we did a nice walk. I don’t mind, new smells and so on always interest me!

Then we met the little nuts-house with all the colours! Mum likes this kind of streetart which makes streets less dull! We already did fototoots with others too.

We also saw two very, very big trees. Mum says the picture is too small for me and the whole tree! 😉

Now I need a nap, of course! 🙂

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