About daisies and… doping! Again!

Mum, listen, I know you have lots of work, mountains of work, but listen, you promised to show me the fototoot with the daisies. The fototoot I did not want to look at you!

What do you say? First to the green clothes people? Of course not with me, but with grandpa Lennox. This morning his back paws weren’t working anymore. Mum had to help him out of his bed because he wanted his breakfast badly. Of course: he lives for his breakfast and dinner, my grandpa. It’s only his paws that bother him, he always says, not his stomach. So this evening, off to the green clothes with him. He got an injection again, pure steroids. Mum hopes he will be ready for the Olympics again, tomorrow…

Then we went to the dogpark, not many friends when it is raining! Back home! Work again??? 😦  No, mum, you promised: after the green clothes! She says: okay! 😉 Lots of pics and I was able not to look at mum. That was difficult, but I did it. I only looked at the daisies! I was pleased with myself, mum was less pleased with me! Hahaha… that happens… 😉

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