Interview… with my grandpa because of his 15th birthday!

This evening, the night before his 15th birthday, on  the 29th of may, my grandpa was interviewed! He gets as famous as me! That’s great, isn’t it?…

Good evening, mister Lennox. Thank you for letting me interviewing you.
That’s alright, young reporter, just call me Lennox, will you. Or even grandpa Lennox, like the little one over there does.
Hey grandpa, I’m bigger than you are!
Shut up, little one! You know very well who is the biggest here! Lets go on and don’t interrupt anymore, little one!

So you will be 15 years old tomorrow. How does that feel?
The same as today and yesterday, I think. A day older…Everything goes minute by minute…

Let’s talk about your long life. What do you remember of your childhood?
Not very much, Idon’t want to remember!

Why not, mister Lennox?
Grandpa Lennox, please! I did not live here yet. I came here with mum and dad when I was three, that’s when my real life started, you see. I know about the more ugly side of this world, but I do not talk about that!

Can you tell about the most important moments in your life?
My coming here of course. The two times I escaped but I came back very quickly, after half an hour I got back.
Important was when we moved to the city when I was six years old! There I met my very good friends, in our dogpark. There was Bartje, the ‘dogo Argentino, and Boogy, my lookalike and Grobber, also the little one’s friend and Mohs. They all are at the rainbowbridge now. Getting old has his disadvantages: all friends die, one after the other… There you are, all alone.
But then mum and dad decided to get the little one when I was twelve and maybe a bit depressed. That little one could be very disturbing in the beginning, believe me! But then I understood I had to stay a while to learn her some important things in this life, you know… Had to keep an eye on her!

And did she learn from you?
Think so! 😉 Ask her! I learned also from  her sence of humour and her laughing, learned so much of that little one. 🙂  ❤

Maybe a difficult question… What about your health at this age?
This age without health-issues, that’s not possible, even a puppy knows! I have this kidney-issue which is under control, the hypdisplasia discovered when I was three and the last years the osteoarthritis. But I am on medication and dope and I’m fine: no pain, only a little stiff! I still can run some days and show the youngsters in the park who is the boss! Be sure of that!

Do you have some advice for younger dogs?
Enjoy life, enjoy the little things that make life great: cuddling, treats, a soft bed,walks, playing in the dogpark…

Thank you very much, mister Lennox and I wish you a happy birthday tomorrow!
Grandpa, I said! Ggggrrrr!



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