I have… a beauty-issue!

Now, I have this beautiful harness! Thanks, mum, I’m so proud about it. So I want to show myself, of course, just as a lady does!

There is just this annoying problem! A real beauty-issue! My dogness, I’m so embarrassed! I explained it to my mum, she did not agree! What did you expect?   😦

My coiffure is in a real “bad day” these days! My dogness, yes! My curls don’t curl as they should! Embarrassing, no? I think so! It looks like a bush growing on my left side. And I could live with that, I turn my nice side to you, you see, to show my harness!
BUT… there is the problem in the middle of my back! Seems as if wings are growing there! I’m so ashamed! Everybody who admires my harness, sees it! I asked mum to brush it again! Nothing to do about it, “it” always gets “up” again!   😦

Mum says I have to be patient! We’ll go to the hairdresser’s within a month! A month!!! Mum, can’t you do some ‘scissoring’, as you did around my eyes? No way, she says!   😦

  1. Kita you need to tell your Mum to be brave and just do little snips. Our Airedale coats are really good at growing back and mistakes can be covered within 2 weeks. We can’t wait to see what you look like after your trip to the Airedressers.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie. xxxx

    • Hello you all… Problem is my mum likes it, she says it’s cute! 😦 😉 And we will post pictures from before and after, next month, we sure will! Did you see my new harness fits with my new collar???? Lots of hugs to you all! ❤ Kita

  2. oh it’s ok kita! springtime presents the most difficult weather for us girls with less-than-manageable hair! i’ve got a chunk of hair that always flips up like that no matter what i do! this not a beauty problem at all! it just makes you look like an effortless beauty! 😉

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