This Saturday?…Gents-day (ggrrr), shopping day, showing day and meeting day!

Today I’m still very tired! How come? Because of yesterday! That was a pretty filled day, no time for naps…

First we went to the dogpark in the morning! It really was gent’s day over there! My dogness, all those machos wanting to be the biggest macho! Even my grandpa wanted to act like a six year old… Mum says he’ll never learn! He always was the boss and wants to stay the boss, that’s a clear thing! So, I was the only female and completely ignored by all the rest. But I was happy about that! I was quietly alone in my tree during the rough playing and the fighting! Blinking box missed the fighting of Duke (dalmation) and Django (border collie) (Lennox barking all the time!) though, mum was too surprised… I saw it coming, she didn’t. 

After lunch I could come in the car with mum, sitting next to her and cuddling… 🙂 Where did we go? When we stopped, I did not know where we were! Never been there before! We go in! What a surprise, this is a petshop! And look! That’s mum’s human pup! I see, she works here now since about six weeks! Of course she likes that! And me too! Pic was taken! And I got a new little harness to go to the dogpark. The human pup knows about aire-lady fashion! It suits me very well and it fits to my new collar! (You see this, Molly and Winnie?)

So after the shopping, I had some showing to do! Of we went for a walk and  to the dogpark to show my new harness! I’m a very proud lady!

Coming home, I had a nice ‘meeting’… Long time, no see: the cat of the neighbours. I’m a little afraid of him… Sssstttt, don’t tell anyone! When I was 8 weeks old, I met him for the first time and then he was an angry one! But now we are distant friends. I want to play but he never wants. He sits and looks at me… But he is nice, very nice! Neighbour (his dad) says he is surprised we get along so well. No fighting with this doglady as he otherwise does! Neighbour does not know aire-ladies don’t want to fight, I think… 😉

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