No way… to escape!

There are a few sentences we fear, grandpa and I. When mum says: I’m going to do some cleaning…… Then we both try to be the most invisible dogs ever! Are we afraid of the vacuum cleaner? Oh no, what are you talking about, we even sleep through that noise! What the problem is?

Before the vacuum cleaning starts, we get brushed. Grandpa does not like it, so I don’t like it. I learned that very quickly. I’m not afraid of storms, grandpa does. During the first storm with mum (when I was 11 weeks old), we went outside in the rain and wind and thunder and lightnings because I should not be afraid of it and because I should not copy the behaviour of grandpa. Very smart mum… but for the brushing, mum was less smart… so, I imitate grandpa and I don’t like it.
Smart mum brings grandpa in another room now when I’m brushed, and then I don’t mind that much. Can’t loose my face before grandpa, can I?

So, today was brushing time! Mum puts on the ugly trousers (that’s the signal)… Brushing time is treats-time too! That’s the good part! I asked mum to film a little bit (not all, it takes too much time) and to make pics!

And then??? She said something about grooming only in the beginning of july. She can’t see my eyes anymore? Scissors? Who is that? Oh, grandpa is not here, I can’t ask him. More treats? I got a bit suspicious. What’s that? She opens the treats-bag with that thing too… 
Guess what? My mum “scissored” the hairs away around my eyes! I was a very good girl, she said. But I kept my eyebrows of course! My doggie-mum’s dad would be very proud of me, she said. She says, I have such beautiful eyes she wants to see them! This time I agree with her!


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