Busy guy… this Fritz!

Well, well… tonight holidaymum was in the dogpark. Yihaaa!!! But with her came Lokum and Fritz. This Fritz-guy, well, my dogness, he is special!

First of all, he always wanted to jump on grandpa Lennox. Holidaymum did not want him to do so because grandpa didn’t like it at all. His hips don’t allow all those jumping dogs… Talking about stubborn? Well, that’s what you can say about Fritz! 😉 He was put on the leash for some time.

Then he came after me… Haha! I’m bigger and I can run faster and… I can climb! But we played a little bit, he always run after me.

Then holidaymum wanted to go home… Guess what? Fritz did not want to come… So holidaymum said that I should be her assistant! I did, I always do what holidaymum asks! 🙂 I made him run after me and brought him to the little gate and to holidaymum! My mum was so proud of me! And I got 2 treats! One from holidaymum and one from my mum! 😉

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