First Boubouche… then a rainbow!

When mum goes to her library… She is not only an airedale-mum, she also is a library-mum, you know… So when mum goes to work, and I stay with grandpa and dad, in the park mum always meets a little doggie called Boubouche. When Boubouche sees my mum, he barks and pulls on the leash. Her dad gets him of the leash, although that’s not permitted and Boubouche runs as fast as he can to be cuddled by my mum. That’s something I understand. When his dad arrives, he goes back on the leash… I never met Boubouche. 😦

Mum and me went to the park for a walk on Friday morning! And guess who we met! Yes! Boubouche! He did not recognize my mum, he did not see her! He only saw me of course! He seems to be a nice guy! He’s smaller than I thought, but he is a nice gentleman! 

When we went on, we passed by the pond, with the fountain! Mum, look! A rainbow! Do you see it too? Is that Grobber and Sadie and sir Darwin and… saying hello to me?   ❤   It is beautifull, isn’t it?   🙂   Can you see it on the pics?


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