Today? … Busy and bit special saturday!

This afternoon was rather busy. We went for a long walk. Weather is fine, it is a bit like summer here these days. But not too hot though, otherwise we wouldn’t walk that much.

First thing that happens? Big surprise! We met two wheaten terriers. Mum never saw one, a real one, in her whole life! Now, we met two of them. With a very friendly dad. He told mum a lot, in French, she had to translate for me. So he told that he wanted two airedales but could not find dales so the choose the wheatens. Very sympathetic ladies!

I was not completely recoverd from mum”s surprise when I got the surprise of MY life! Walking trees! My dogness, I was barkless, so amazed I was! Mum had the blinking box in her hand! We went on in that street, I can tell you, we fell from one surprise in the other! At least, I did. Mum says I was so surprised I acted like a real lady: I forgot to pull on the leash, I forgot to bark, I forgot to whine…
Tell me! Did you ever see an adult horse, smaller than an airedale! No, no, not a cuddletoy! A real one!!! And more than one!

And goats, and gooses and… We walked for two hours to see everything! Nice saturday!

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