A letter… to Molly, Winnie, Taffy and Monty

Dear Molly and Winnie, Taffy and Monty (ladies first! 😉 ) ,screenshot1610

What a surprise! You really did surprise me! This morning the postman brought a package. That’s not unusual these days, with mum’s friends all over the world, these days. But today, the package was adressed to me! To ME! Kita, that was on the box!
Speaking of a surprise, well, this was one! In my whole life, I never got a package with my name on it! Grandpa Lennox said those things happen only to ladies, he never got one, in 15 years! 😉
My mum gave it to me to unpack! Surprises got bigger and bigger!

Dear Molly and Winnie, you are such fashion ladies! You really have good taste! Did you remark on the pics I have a red leash? This collar fits exactly with the leash! My dogness, you are very fashion-talented! All my fashion-dreams came true: I have a red collar with air-ladies on it! Oh, I almost can’t believe this! Oooh!!! Thank you so very, very much. In Dutch I say: dank je wel! I’m very happy with it! 🙂

Dear Taffy and Monty, you guys, you know what a lady needs as a diversion in every day life! First of all you completed my ‘farm’. Now I have a cow and a doggie too! My chicken and pig will be happy! But then, you remembered I like to play with empty bottles! But the bottles were very well hidden, you guys have lots of humour, haven’t you! It took me almost 20 minutes to find the bottle that I heard but could not see! Finely I found it and almost unpacked it. Mum filmed it! Thank you so very, very much, you too! Dank je wel! With this I can play for hours, mum says. After an hour she put it away! 😦  She says I can play again tomorrow. Thanks a lot, guys!

Dear Molly, Winnie, Taffy and Monty, I thank you with all my lady-heart! I love you silent-wednesday-gang! 🙂 ❤

Mum made a long film (after the pics), especially for you, you can play with me in that way… Maybe others will be bored, but maybe you like it! Don’t mind my mum always saying I can not chew on it, I should “krak”=make noise with it! 😉 My apologies for her silly behaviour in the movie! 😦   😉

Thank you very much for all this!

Big hugs and ❤  from a Belgian aire-lady,






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