Busy evening with… Arkan and Sammeke!

My mum has lots and lots of work. So this wednesday we did not go to the dogpark in the afternoon, but we went in the evening and for a long time! 😉

And who was there? Arkan, the huski! One of my favorite young gentlemen! I did all I could to get his attention so that he would play with me. When I finally had success 🙂  … there came Sammeke (in English: little Sam). This young adolescent with too much hormones wanted to play too… Little bit disturbing… In fact, so disturbing, Arkan walked away… 😦

Pics tell the whole story, mum says! And the movie too! 🙂 Oh, also this: you can hear very well, we live in the city! The noise you hear, well that’s the highway (around Antwerp city) nearby!

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