No relay run?… Other training!



Good news and bad news! The good news first? Yesterday evening my grandpa went to the vet’s place! He had to go for his annual vaccinations. The poor one, he does not like it at all, he simply hates it, my grandpa. Said he gained weight again because of his special food for the kidney thing… Less treats for him. 😦  

That’s bad news, yes. But that is not THE bad news! He also got another shot of anabolics! Doping! You understand the very bad news? We can’t go to the doggie-olympics for the relay run, when they start organising them! 😦 Would not be fair to go in competion, with that doping. Grandpa says we can run anyway! He is always such an optimistic guy!

Mum said that if I want to go to these Olympics I can train another discipline: the circle-stay! That’s an awfully difficult discipline, at least for me! For those who are not familiar with it. It goes as follows: in the dogpark or on the beach or somewhere else where I am off the leash… I have to sit or lay down (I can choose) and I have to stay. That part is okay. But then mum walks away and makes the stay-sign. That’s okay too. 🙂  But then mum walks around me, a whole circle and I have to stay, I can not move… Oh, that’s not okay! There always is a moment I cannot see my mum!! 😦

But if I really will, I can… 🙂   Mum filmed the bloopers too… That’s the training, she says!


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