Oooh!???… Two more dales in the house?

If you ask me… the aire-family is not only an aire-family… It is also a parcel-family! Oh yes! On mondays mum has to work very late, till 20.00! So she comes home late! But there was another surprise for her! A parcel, again!

This time it did not come from so very far away! It comes from the country of the silent-wednesday-gang! Oh yes! I think that’s pretty far away, we can’t go there for a walk! So there was this parcel! In the parcel, nicely wrapped in very special paper, there were two airedales! Tell me!!! Two airedales in a dogpark with lots of poppies! That’s confusing, I already explained that… (for those who missed it:

And mum wanted me on the picture with those two dales! Okay, mum, I’ll come up… Did not work that good. but she has a pic! 😉 She should not complain! 😉

Mum is very happy with the two airedales and the poppies! She loves them! 🙂 And now we show them to all of you! Mum says thank you to the airedale-mum who made them!!

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