Newsflash! Lady Kita becomes… une vraie Française!

Mano, I was in France, but I didn’t see you! Grandpa laughs, he says I had still 800 kms to go further to our friend Mano! Ohhh, so…

Anyway, I was in France, yesterday! Grandpa did not come, he needed his rest after the training of earlier this week. Mum and dad needed papers out of a machine, a big one! A nice sir did help a bit… he even did not pay attention at this lady. He was in a bit of a hurry! The big machine was in the railwaystation, mum said… What’s that? Oh, the train-place! Yes, I know about that. We have a big one in Antwerp too! One of the 14 most beautiful train-places in the whole world! We are on number six in the British list. You don’t believe me? Just look!
ewsweek in the States did put us on number four in their list! Which list you take, we are always in the first ten! 🙂

But I was talking about France! Mum says I will become a real French lady, all these times I already went to France, by car and on foot!
They have nice flowers in France and a nice little harbour too… We did not visit the big harbour… grandpa was waiting, waiting for his dinner… Can’t come too late, can we?


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