Olympics!… Here we come!

We are champions, we really are! Mind my words! We go to the Olympics and we’re going to participate in the relay run! Mum says we must be joking… Why? She says doggies are not allowed! Doggies no, but airedales and labradors??? They are allowed, no? Mum says no! My dogness, how stupid! We should start a petition to organise recreative-fun-Olympics for doggies! 

Anyway, my macho grandpa always says he was a good runner in his younger days and yesterday he said, maybe a little overconfident, that he still is! At 14 years, 11 months and 1 week!!! And he said he would show it too! He said we would do a relay run.
I really did not know what he was talking about, I only understood: run. That’s what I can, yes, but him? He said he would show and explain, mum and dad learned him that when he was younger: the relay run!

So he did! My dogness! Took a while before I understood, I run everywhere normally, but yes, we did a lot of training! Guess that we’ll be ready when they organise recreative-fun-Olympics for doggies. Won’t we, grandpa Lennox?

Anyway: we got already our medals yesterday! Chicken treats and fish treats! Lennox got double treats! 🙂 We snored all evening and grandpa says: no training today! Next training? Only next week? 😦

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