Meet my friend… and miniature version!

Well, it does not happen very often but sometimes my miniature version is coming to the dogpark! That’s what the humans say! But I know better! So, meet my friend Dixie, the Welsh terrier! So he’s a Welsh sir and I’m an airedale lady. Miniature version?! No no, I think it’s a pure coïncidence that the Welsh look that much as an airedale! We must be very nice, that we exist also in a “little” version, for humans who don’t like big dogs… 😉 !

Kita, please, be more modest! Don’t overdo it, lady ‘King of terriers’! 😉

I like Dixie quite well. When we meet in the park and we are both on the leash, we always start playing. Difficult situation, with the leashes!
In the dogpark, he was to busy to play! 😉 My mum always has the blinking box with her for thr pictures! Not today! So she used the thing in which she normally speaks! It does not only speak, it makes pictures too! They aren’t that nice tough! 😦

See you one of these days, Dixie!




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    • Hello Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie! I know you guys! My mum shows you on the computer! Last time I was jealous! You got so many presents! But the time before I was afraid, you have a nozy neighbour!! And my mum says she’s happy she found a way to react on your stories, it didn’t work before! She uses the name of her work! sssssttttt! See you guys, have a nice weekend! Paws and kisses from Kita!
      PS The mini-me in the park is so kind! Altough he is a ‘sir’, he doesn’t play too ‘wildly’! 🙂

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