Gracie, I’m on the list… again! :-(

This time I’m going to be on the list for a long time!

Mum was at the door, talking to the man who brings the frozen stuff, ice and veggies and so for the very, very cold cupboard, in the cellar!
Grandpa Lennox, he was sleeping in my bed, so I went in his! 😉 And… well, I amused myself. Nobody said I could not! 😉 It was great, all the green stuff, I pulled it out of the bed! 🙂

But then… then my mum came back in! ooohooohoooh! She was very, very angry! She said that she caught me in the act! What does that mean? I had to lay down and stay for a very long time, couldn’t go anywhere else!

I think I’m on the list again, and this time… well, I think I’ll be there for some time! 😦 But afterwards, when she fixed the bed, we did go to the dogpark, so I think she wasn’t angry anymore!
Maybe she is right: it is not so nice of me to destroy all the beds of my grandpa! … Well, next time, I’ll take mine!

Oh no, you won’t dare!

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