Yes, yes… finally… me too!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, i should write you more, I know… ❤
But mum says you know everything, there at the rainbowbridge… 😉

But this time, I have big news! You will never believe this! Yesterday it was my birthday! Now, I am 10 years old! ❤ My age is with 2 numbers now! You always told me that age has to have two numbers to be a grandpa and to be wise. I now, i am not a grandpa but a grandma! You see, I am wise now.

So from now on, I am lady grandma Kita. I will tell everybody! Yes, it showed already! Most youngsters have respect for me nowadays (except the française and Rex – française still bites in my hind legs, gggrrr). And yes, I am very wise now, i understand everything and I always think twice or even three times before agreeing and doing things!

And at the other side, as you said too, my bones get old. But with the treats the green clothes man (a new and very kind one you never met) I am doing all right and started chasing cats again. Imagine, mum seemed pleased with that – she changes too! As you all predicted. No, no doping steroids yet… i am only 10 and not 15 like you, you know! 😉

I had a nice day yesterday. While sissie Lizzie was out, I got a very special treat: calf cartilage. Yummy and safe, mum says. Yes, she still knows better… that is what she thinks! 😉 And yes, I made a mess of my bed BUT I cleaned it up! You see, a grandma cleans up the mess!

Dear grandpa, off to lunch now! 🙂 You will understand that! Yesyes, we still get some veggies when mum is busy in the kitchen! I have to hurry not to miss it!

Till next time! Big, big hugs from

Lady Grandma Kita van ’t Asbroek

PS I add the pics and video! Have fun!

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