Give Aire Ladies… some space (Part II)

[A few hours later]

– “Aren’t we both very lady-like, Kita, giving each other all this space sur le canapé?”
– “As you know, Lizzie, I am always behaving like an Airedale Lady.”
– “Ah non, ce n’est pas vrai! In the car earlier you didn’t!” 😦

– “Come on, girls, move over, both of you. I am going to watch some tv now.”
– “But, Dad, when you sit here, there isn’t enough room left for Lizzie and me…”
– “Sorry, girls, one of you will have to take the ergonomic bed of Grandpa Lennox.”
– “Can I get le privilège to sit next to you, Dad? After all, I am your Daddy’s girl, non? We can cuddle, you giving me des caresses and me chewing gently on your fingers…”

(I’ll put on my seducing puppy face… Kita told me Grandpa Lennox always did that, when he was in trouble or wanted something badly… I can easily read her thought: “Ca alors!” 😉

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


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