History… at the market???

Come on, Kita, we go out!

What, I’ve already been out. Mum too, with the human pup. And now with me? Okay, I’m ready! Where are we going? To the market nearby? On saturday evening? That’s new, normally it is on Thursday morning!

Okay, off we go! Look mum, there is a special sir! Yes, Kita! We go straight to him? Mum explains to him tthat when she was a small pup, her dad was wearing such a uniform too! It brings back memories… What does she ask for? A fototoot with Kita? To unite history and present? Hey, that’s me she is talking about! 🙂
Of course the nice man says yes, I’m such a lady! Who would say no? ❤

Afterwards we visit the rest of the market. As always there are stupid things: told you already some time ago! Legs without body to show trousers, heads without body to show bonnets and wearest of all: bodies without arms and legs and without head. How on earth do they all get home?
After all this years I still don’t understand! 😉

And then I said hello to the unicorns, to every one of them! A lady is polite, you know!!! 🙂

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