Oooh no!!… Mum is groaning!

Yes, mum, indeed! Take pictures of this piece of art of the française! She was up early this morning! She really was thinking that was funny! Told her: dad would be “de mauvaise humeur”, even him, daddy-girl! 😉 Yes, yes, you understand me perfectly well!

Okay, mum, here she is, the guilty one! Start fototooting! Yes, yes, and graon! Tell her ladies don’t do such things! 🙂

What??? Me too? Oh no! Did I? When I was a baby? Oooooh. Mum, listen, the française is not a baby anymore! She should know better!  😉

Okay, I’ll groan her too! In our own bedroon, my dogness! That’s no place for wallpaper-art! 😉 Bad choice, Lizzie!


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